Dr. Blanca Jimeno

I am an integrative biologist with broad experience in ecophysiology and behavioural ecology. My main research interest is developing interdisciplinary approaches to investigate physiological processes underlying organismal responses to environmental challenges. My research brings together endocrinology, metabolism physiology, behavioural ecology, and epigenetics, in free-living and captive birds.


New paper out!
May 2021

New paper out with my former research group (The Breuner Lab, UM, US) - led by Hannah E. Beyl - on the effects of assay temperature on CBG and free GC estimates in bird species. Read it here.

I will be a MSCA fellow!
February 2021

I am immensely happy to have been awarded a MSCA fellowship. I will merge ecology and molecular biology to explore the associations between epigenetics and natal dispersal in pied flycatchers, at both spatial and temporal scales. I will be joining Dr. Jesús Martínez-Padilla´s group at IPE (Jaca, Spain), with secondment at the University of Nottingham (UK), hosted by Dr. Mark Ravinet. So much looking forward to seeing this beautiful project happening and working with such great researchers! Exciting times ahead, stay tunned!

Latest Media & Outreach

Outreach talk in my hometown
December 2019

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to share some of my research in my hometown (Soria, Spain). The audience was highly welcoming and I got many interesting questions. Feeling grateful and hoping for this to be the first of many talks here!

This talk also attracted the interest of the local media and organizations (links in spanish):





New paper out!
October 2021

Great collaboration with Dr. Juan G. Rubalcaba (McGill University). We merge our areas of expertise and apply biophysical models to test the role of thermoregulation as source of glucocorticoid variation across avian species worldwide! Read it here.